Traitor Games

Traitor games are similar to Co-operative games, except one or more players are working against the group!  It’ll be up to the loyal players to work out who the traitors are, while the traitors try to impede the loyal players’ progress and spread as much misinformation as possible.

Traitor games have a strong social element; you’ll need to have a convincing poker face if you’re going to convince others you’re not a traitor!

Battlestar Galactica – Protect the beleaguered Battlestar Galactica from the Cylon threat as it makes its way through the stars, and try to identify the Cylons in your midst!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – A 5-minute social deduction game where players will be trying to work out who among them is a werewolf – and sometimes, they’re not even sure themselves!

Saboteur – Dwarves are digging their way towards gold, but some of them are saboteurs.  Find them and break their tools so they can’t ‘help’ with the dig!

Shadows over Camelot – The knights of the round table are trying to protect Camelot from the plots of Mordred, among other threats – but one of them might just be in Mordred’s service!

Spyfall – A confused spy has made his way into a secret facility.  He’ll need to work out where he is before the other players work out that he doesn’t belong!

The Resistance: Avalon – The knights of the round table are trying to put together parties to go on a series of vital quests, but they’ll need to make sure they haven’t accidentally placed their trust in a minion of Mordred!

Ultimate Werewolf – A social game that works best at an actual party, where werewolves have beset a town and are slowly killing all the inhabitants.  The villagers will need to invoke mob rule so they can identify and lynch the werewolves before they’re wiped out!


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