The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet


Players: 2 to 5

Game Length: 25 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 3-5 players who want a charming and accessible drafting game

The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet is a drafting game based on the classic children’s book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  It features art from the book, and is a light and charming game that is easy to learn but still has decent potential for tactical play.

In The Little Prince, players will each be tasked with creating their own planet.  After the planet is complete, they will score points for the elements on their planet based on which characters they have selected to orbit their planet; the player with the highest score after this will be the winner.


Image from Board Game Geek

At the start of each turn, one player selects which type of tile they want to place – a central tile, an outer tile or a character tile – then draws as many of those tiles as there are players.  They then select which tile they want, then pass the remaining tiles to a player of their choice. This continues until a player places the last tile, at which point that player may start the process again, until all tiles are depleted and each player’s planet is complete.

There are a few issues complicating this, however.  On many of the tiles are Baobab trees, and if three of these are placed on a single planet, the tiles must be turned upside down, hiding all elements on those tiles and causing them to be worth nothing.  Volcanoes are also featured, and the player who has the most volcanoes at the end of the game must subtract their number from her score.

Some characters also have special scoring conditions – the King will reward lots of points for having a single rose on a planet, but no points for having more than two; and the Lumberjack will reward points for having two Baobab trees, which may force a player to skirt dangerously close to losing points for their tiles.  Other characters will reward players for having certain other elements on their board, and you will want to avoid giving players an element that they can use to gain a lot of points – or, if you’re feeling particularly mean, you may want to dump a Baobab tree on a player with two already, or roses on a player with the King.

The Little Prince is very simple to play and suitable for both children and older players; you can simply play the pieces without thinking too much about what you’re passing on to others, or you can focus more on denying points.  The game itself can be quite luck-based; you can simply end up with no real chances to place the tiles you need for the characters you’ve ended up with.   Likewise, there isn’t a great amount of depth beyond simply placing tiles and trying to maximise your score.  If these aspects aren’t so important to you, then The Little Prince may be an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a game with broad appeal, easy to learn rules and a degree of player interaction, The Little Prince makes an excellent choice.  It is a charming game that plays smoothly, and at the end you’ll have the satisfaction of having built your very own planet – not many games let you do that!


The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet on Board Game Geek


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