Team Games

Team Games, as the name suggests, are games played in teams!  These are often social and party games, like Pictionary, but can also be strategy games.  You’ll need to work with your teammates you want to win!

Don’t confuse these with Traitor games, where you’ll have to work out who is on your team, or One vs Many games.

Concept – Players work in teams to try to guess clues – like Charades, but played with a board.

Ladies and Gentlemen – In this parody of Victorian England, players work in pairs to put together the most stunning dress for the upcoming ball.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel – Opposing teams battle in a frantic real-time starship duel to the death!

Ugg-Tect – Work together to try to construct monuments, communicating with a rudimentary caveman language, and a giant inflatable club.



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