Sushi Dice


Players:  2 to 6

Game Length: 20 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 2 to 4 players who want a reflex-based dice duelling game!

Sushi Dice is a quick and light game where two players are competing sushi chefs, trying to prepare dishes as quickly as possible.  However, they’ll have their eyes on each others’ dishes too – if they spot anything unhygienic, they can announce it and force their opponent to start again from scratch!  The first player to fulfill a set number of orders wins the game.

Sushi Dice is played by repeatedly rolling dice.  Players may choose to roll as many of their dice as they want as quickly as they want, hoping to fulfill one of the available orders as quickly as possible.  Each die has five different ingredients printed on its faces, and a sixth face that will have either a star (which may be used as any ingredient) or a skull – also called a ‘Yuck’ symbol.


Image from the official Sushi Dice website

The ‘Yuck’ symbols are key to the game’s interactivity.  If you spot that your opponent has rolled a ‘Yuck’ symbol, you may announce ‘Yuck!’, forcing them to take up all their dice and start over.  The same goes for you, though – you’ll need to take up your dice again as quickly as possible to make sure your opponent hasn’t spotted what you just rolled. If you’re spending too much time looking at your opponent, however, you won’t be making progress towards one of the orders yourself!

The ‘Yuck’ symbols also allow more than two players to join in.  If both players have rolled a ‘Yuck’ symbol, a spectator may announce ‘Chop!’  This stops the round, and forces both players to give up their dice and allow new players to take part.

Despite only being a game for two players, Sushi Dice works excellently with up to 4. It can be good to have a break from the endless rolling of dice, so having to sit out isn’t always a negative thing.  The box states that it can go up to 6 players if you want, but at that level there will be longer periods where players don’t get to directly participate in the game.

The game comes with a bell that you are supposed to ring when you complete an order, but if you’re playing in a public place then I would recommend against using it, as it can be grating to those around you.  When you’re among friends though, it’s a nice touch to audibly announce to the other player that you’ve completed an order.

If you want a quick and simple dice game that will have players on the edge of their seats, Sushi Dice fits the bill.  It is suitable for almost any audience and you’ll be rolling dice and laughing within minutes of opening the box for the first time.


Sushi Dice on Board Game Geek


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