Players: 2 to 8

Game Length: 30 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 4-8 players who want a light-hearted and exciting dexterity game

Everything you need to know about whether you will enjoy PitchCar can be determined simply by looking at the box art.  Does the idea of flicking discs around a constructed wooden track appeal to you?  Then PitchCar is for you!


As a dexterity game, your success will hinge on whether you are able to apply just the right amount of force to your car.  You’ll need to weigh up how conservative you want to be on your turns – do you want to try a risky shot or hope that the other players will mess up if you just play conservatively?  If you want to take the risk, your car may well knock other cars off the table, careen around corners and come to rest, spinning, just past the finish line – or it may end up in someone else’s drink.  These kinds of moments are common in PitchCar, and the thrill to be had on a turn-by-turn basis can be addictive.

The physical components are nice, and the wood is smooth and well-lacquered, allowing the discs to slide smoothly across them.  The game is well produced and the pieces all line up, allowing a car to be shot across them smoothly.  However, if you are not playing on an even table, you may end up with ridges forming between the board’s puzzle pieces – this can cause a car to suddenly fly off the track on what otherwise seemed like a straight and clear shot.

The base game comes with simple pieces, either right-angled or straight, but expansions include 45 degree angles, a four-way crosspiece, ramps and other such setpieces to add variety – and half the game is setting up the track!


Image from Board Game Geek

PitchCar can be enjoyed with any number of players, but obviously it’s at its best when you are playing with a larger group.  For kids, PitchCar will provide hours of amusement as they flick the pieces around the board, and for adults, it works great as an icebreaker at a party or something to play with a drink in hand.  PitchCar comes highly recommended if you want a light-hearted and excellently produced dexterity game.


PitchCar on Board Game Geek


Amazon (US) 


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