Players: 2 to 4

Game Length: 30 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 2-4 players who want a light dice-based game with excellent components

Welcome to Marrakech!  You and the other players are rug merchants in a busy marketplace, and Assam, the owner, is considering which of you to give the honour of being named the Merchant of the Year.  You will need to impress him with the quality of your carpets and prevent him from noticing your rivals if you are to be successful!


Marrakech is a light and simple game where players will be moving Assam around the board and laying down carpets.  If Assam happens to land on an opponent’s carpet during your turn, you will be forced to pay its owner a fee, based on how many squares of his carpets make up that region.

The distance that Assam moves is based on the roll of a die – he can move anywhere from 1 to 4 spaces.  The current player has the choice of deciding his direction, and should he leave the board, he re-enters the board on a different row – indicated by the arrows on the edges.  After Assam has moved, the current player may place a carpet on the board, potentially covering up part of another player’s carpet!  It’s up to the players to try to position their carpets such that the current player has no choice but to land on one of their own carpets, and they will need to decide whether they wish to cover up a rival’s carpets or build a greater region so they may get more points, should Assam land on that area.

Marrakech is notable for its components – the carpets are made of real fabric and the Assam piece is nicely detailed.  It’s quite a simple game, suitable more for children or as a filler game, but with a degree of tactics in where you choose to place your carpets, and how you direct Assam – you could end up placing him in an area where it’s virtually impossible to avoid your carpets on the next turn!


Image from Board Game Geek

There isn’t a great amount of strategy to be had in Marrakech, but it’s still enjoyable as a light and quick game.  It is short, easy to teach, and the components are a nice touch – if you’re looking for an appealing game to bring out that doesn’t dominate the table, Marrakech comes highly recommended.


Marrakech on Board Game Geek


Amazon (US)


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