Ghost Blitz


Players: 2-8 

Game Length: 20 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 2-6 players up for a lightning-quick reflex game!

Ghost Blitz is a light pattern recognition and reflex game where players are racing to identify the correct figurine for the currently revealed card.  It works well for 2 players through to 6 as a child-friendly or filler game for those wanting something quick and exciting.


Ghost Blitz comes with five wooden figurines and a deck of cards, and can be taught quickly and simply by example.  Players must identify the correct object based on the revealed card by comparing the depicted objects to the figurines.  If one of the depicted objects is the correct colour, that is the correct object – players must race to pick up that object.  If none of the objects are the correct colour, the correct object will be the one that is not referred to by colour or object on the card.

gblitzSo, for the first card in the above image – the chair figurine is not white, and the bottle figurine is not gray.  Therefore, the chair, bottle, (white) ghost and (gray) mouse are all incorrect, leaving the book as the correct object.  Try working out the other two on your own!

The first player to touch the correct object will win the round, taking the current card as a prize.  However, if a player grabs the wrong object, they will have to give one of their claimed cards to the player who wins that round.  As players race mentally to work out the correct object, mistakes will be made and players will realise only too late that they have reached out to grab the wrong object.  The winner is the player with the most cards after the last one has been claimed.

Ghost Blitz is a very light game and best suited as a filler or child-friendly game.  The figurines are cute and functional, with no sharp edges to cause injury in a frantic grab.  Watch that you don’t play it with too many people though, as it’s hard to get enough people to sit around the table so that the figurines are within reach of all players at once.


Ghost Blitz on Board Game Geek


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