Dobble / Spot It!


Players: 2-8

Game Length: 15 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 3-5 players up for a lightning-quick searching game

Dobble (also known as Spot It!) is a simple game where players try to find the one symbol that matches between two cards.  The basic idea of Dobble can be learned with a simple demonstration.  Try to find the one symbol that is on both cards in the following image:


Now you know enough to play Dobble!  There’s every chance you spotted the common symbol instantly; or maybe it took you around 30 agonising seconds.  The subtle difference in orientation and size between the two cards can really throw off your subconscious ability to match the two symbols.

There are five ways to play Dobble, each of which offers a slightly different flavour.  A typical introductory game of Dobble will play through each of these modes once – and the tension of racing other players to identify a common symbol between the two cards will have the players howling with either anger or delight when it’s finally spotted.

One nasty variety of Dobble, the Poison Chalice, has each player dealt one card – players place their card on top of another player’s card when they identify the common symbol – forcing the targeted player to have to come to terms with a completely new card.

It’s difficult to get across the visceral thrill of Dobble without actually playing it.  Despite its simple rules, Dobble is a memorable experience – and the low price point coupled with the short play time makes it an excellent filler game or pub game.


Dobble/Spot It on Board Game Geek


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