Co-operative Games

In co-operative games, players will be working together.  Make sure to discuss your moves with the other players, but don’t dictate to them either – it’s very easy for a co-operative game to be dominated by the most experienced player, which is no fun for anyone else.

Eldritch Horror – An ancient, unknowable evil is threatening to devour the world.  Work together in this HP Lovecraft-inspired adventure to send that thing back where it came from, or so help you!

Escape: The Curse of the Temple – In this frantic real-time game, you and your friends are trapped in an Olmec temple, and you’ve only got 10 real-time minutes to get out!

Forbidden Desert – A storm has caused you to crash-land in the desert among the ruins of an advanced civilization.  Explore the ruins among the shifting sands to find an ancient flying device and escape before the desert claims you!

Ghost Stories – The evil Wu Feng is trying to make his way back into the world, and only your team of Taoist monks can stop him!  Fight back hordes of the undead in this Chinese folklore-inspired game.

Hanabi – Put on the most stunning fireworks display you can by playing firework cards in ascending order.  There’s just one catch – you can’t look at your own hand of cards!

Mage Knight Board Game – A deep and complex game with both co-operative and competitive modes where players will adventure across the land, gaining in power until they can topple cities!

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – An incredible work of interactive fiction where you’ll need to deduce the solution with careful reading and good logical reasoning!

Space Alert – A frantic real-time co-operative game where you’ll need to defend yourself against attacking aliens, but you’ll be working against your own poorly-designed ship as much as the incoming forces!

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – A co-operative pre-built deck game for two players with an immense and constantly-increasing card pool, set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth.


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