Animal upon Animal

Animal upon Animal

Players: 2-4

Game Length: 15 minutes


Best enjoyed: With 2-4 players who want a quick and light dexterity game

Animal upon Animal is a very quick and easy to learn game that is perfect for children, or as an exciting filler game between other, heavier games.

Players take turns placing their stock of animals upon the large crocodile piece, depending on the roll of a die.  If a player knocks over the ever-increasing pile during his turn, however, he must take some of the animals back into his possession!  The player who places his last animal without knocking over the tower wins the game.


Image from Board Game Geek

The animal pieces are cleverly designed, with a number of nooks and crannies that allow them to be creatively placed on the tower.  If you’re sneaky, you can place them in ways that make it more difficult for your opponents to take their turn without knocking them off!  As the tower starts to shake unsteadily, placing the next animal will become increasingly tense .

Animal upon Animal is the perfect filler game, as it’s exciting to watch and play, and lasts for such a short time that it won’t intrude on other games waiting to start.  It’s also great for children, and the animal pieces may find themselves being re-purposed for other play sessions.


Animal upon Animal on Board Game Geek


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