Aaand we’re back!

I’ve recently moved back to my home town of Perth, Western Australia, and haven’t stopped playing boardgames since my last post back in May.  Since then, I’ve been trying new games, thinking about what to write about and how to improve the site, and so with that I announce Season 2 of Tea and Board Games!

In Season 2, I’ll be writing new summaries on around 50 games as well as articles on such important things as the statistics of shuffling, how to set the pace of your game day and other yet-to-be-determined topics (maybe an article that actually has something to do with tea??).  On top of that, I’ll improve the existing summaries by adding cross-links, topic pages and generally turning Tea and Board Games into a more useful resource for boardgaming.

So, watch this space!  Things are afoot.


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