Board Game Summaries: Part 26

I visited South Wales over Easter and came away with an idea for a game based on the real history of Tintern Abbey, where you found a monastic order based on solitude and poverty, but as you develop the land around you and petition the local lord for assistance, you start to attract wealth and settlers, and it becomes harder to attract new monks and lay-brothers until such a point that the order dissolves.

Anyway that’s neither here nor there, except to say that Tintern Abbey is amazing and you should visit it if you get the chance.

So, board game summaries!

Space Alert – One of my personal favourites and an excellent real-time co-operative game, provided you can cope well under pressure!

Space Cadets: Dice Duel – Another real-time space ship simulator (they’re really not all that common, you guys!), except this time it’s two teams of starship operators competing in a battle to the death!

Splendor – I have a hard time spelling ‘Splendor’ without a U, but I did it anyway because journalistic integrity is important.  This is an easy to teach strategic game where good planning will give you victory!

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