Board Game Summaries: Part 23

Three more board game summaries.  Expect to see games starting with the letter S for roughly the next fortnight.

Risk Legacy – One of the best modern implementations of Risk around, Risk Legacy solves the problem of Risk games lasting forever and the game itself being kind of dull in one fell swoop, adding a raft of innovative mechanisms including the ability to permanently change the board!

Saboteur – A light hidden role game where the players are Dwarves digging for gold – except for a few, who are Saboteurs seeking to (literally) undermine their efforts.

Shadows over Camelot – An adventure game set in Arthurian legend where players are working together against the agents of Mordred. However, Mordred may have already infiltrated the group, and one of them just might be a traitor!


Board Game Summaries: Part 22

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Three more board game summaries.  This brings us to 61 in total!

We are also about to enter the AGE OF S.  I swear, like 15 of the games on my 100-strong list start with the letter S.

Race for the Galaxy – An excellent card-based game where with each choice you make, you’ll be closing off a bunch of others!

Red7 – A great card-based filler game with a good chunk of strategy to it, that’s over in minutes.

Riff Raff – One of the most impressive dexterity games around, this game is played on a giant rocking ship!

Board Game Summaries: Part 21

I’m afraid I missed Monday’s update, but in my defense I was in London playing all the board games.

Anyway, here are board game summaries!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – A quick social deduction game that aims to compress the game of Werewolf down into ten minutes of frenzied arguments and discussion.

Patchwork – An easy to learn and non-confrontational two player game where the players are each trying to build up a quilt from Tetris-like patches of fabric.

Quarriors – A dice-based game inspired by Dominion where players will be summoning powerful creatures to gain glory!

Board Game Summaries: Part 20

More board game summaries!

Notre Dame – I missed this one! Notre Dame is a medium-weight Euro-style game set in medieval Paris that blends together a range of gameplay mechanisms to make a compelling game

Power Grid – A classic game of managing income and resources to power cities.  But be warned – don’t sit down to play unless you enjoy performing basic arithmetic over and over again for hours! (like me)

Qwirkle – A simple and fun game that won the Spiel des Jahres, the German board game prize, in 2011.  It can be best described as a language-independent version of Scrabble.

Board Game Summaries: Part 18

Two more games today, and they’re big ones:

Mage Wars – A rich and deep 2 player game where players have an entire spellbook worth of options each turn!

Archipelago – This is one I missed back when I first started my list, and it’s a truly unique game – a stunningly beautiful game about colonialism, where players will need to make sure they aren’t taking too much advantage of the native inhabitants.