Board Game Summaries: Part 11

Board game summaries!  They are here:

Escape: The Curse of the Temple – a frantic and unique co-operative dice-rolling game where players will need to keep their calm and think clearly to survive!

Evo – An area control game with auction elements where players will need to keep moving to stay alive in the unforgiving climate.

Evolution – A card-based game of competing over limited resources, where players can customise the abilities of their species.

2 thoughts on “Board Game Summaries: Part 11

  1. I’ve always been a big fan of cooperative game, but I haven’t seen this one in action. The time mechanic reminds me of Space Alert, are there any other similarities?


    • Escape is far simpler than Space Alert, and players don’t have to think nearly as much, but the real-time component is certainly similar. Space Alert is very intimidating for new players, and there’s a lengthy tutorial process. Escape, you can pick up and be playing within 5 minutes. Apart from both being real-time co-operative games, they’re quite different, and will appeal to different groups – Space Alert for the players who want a meatier brain-burner of a game, and Escape for those who want to throw a whole bunch of dice and laugh.


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