Board Game Summaries: Part 1

I am in the process of fleshing out this blog with pages about games I consider ‘important’, that showcase the range of what board games can do.

The end goal is to create a board game selection flowchart, and link all of the options on the flowchart to pages on this blog.  The flowchart has actually already been made, but without context it’s a little useless – you may end up on ‘7 Wonders’ as your board game of choice, but what of it?  Unless you already know about the game, you’re more than likely to go “Oh, okay then” and immediately forget about it.

There are 90-odd games on this flowchart, so this process will take a few months.  In the meantime, I will be posting the board game summary pages I have created as I go.  I’m going to go through this in alphabetical order, starting with numbers and including terms like ‘A’ and ‘The’.  As such, the first two board game pages I have created are:

7 Wonders

A Game of Thrones: Second Edition

Two most auspicious board games to start the blog with, indeed!

– Tim

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