Board Game Summaries: Part 11

Board game summaries!  They are here:

Escape: The Curse of the Temple – a frantic and unique co-operative dice-rolling game where players will need to keep their calm and think clearly to survive!

Evo – An area control game with auction elements where players will need to keep moving to stay alive in the unforgiving climate.

Evolution – A card-based game of competing over limited resources, where players can customise the abilities of their species.


Board Game Summaries: Part 10

Three more games, bringing the total to 29!  These were definitely some of the more complex summaries I’ve had to write.

Dungeon Petz – A unique game where players will be struggling to keep a range of vicious monsters under control, so they can sell them for a profit!

Eclipse – A space empire game where players will need to explore the galaxy, manage their empires, research new technologies, design warships and wage war on their enemies.

Eldritch Horror – A story-based co-operative game by Fantasy Flight Games set in Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos where players will work together to defeat an ancient, powerful enemy.

Board Game Summaries: Part 8

Four board game summaries today!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark – Second Edition – A dungeon-crawling tactical miniatures game that can be played as a multiple-session campaign

Animal upon Animal – A light physical game about stacking wooden animal figurines

Dixit – A social game that makes use of fairytale-styled art that is great with all audiences

Dobble (or Spot It!) – A lightning-quick and simple game about finding the matching symbol between cards

Board Game Summaries: Part 6

Two more board game summaries!

Concept, a social game that is reminiscent of Charades, but played by referring to a board of simple ideas.

Cosmic Encounter, an Ameritrash-style game with tons of content that features lots of player interaction.

As a bonus, I’ve reworked the page for A Game of Thrones: Second Edition and 7 Wonders as I begin to hit my stride and work out what I want these pages to cover.


Board Game Summaries: Part 5

More board game summaries? Don’t mind if I do!

Can’t Stop: A quick and easy to learn push-your-luck game where players will need to know when to put on the brakes!

Carcassonne: A classic tile placement game where players build cities and roads together in the French countryside, that introduced the Meeple to the modern boardgame scene!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: A recent game where each player is building a castle, and has to carefully price the rooms being sold to make the most profit.

Chaos in the Old World: A clever area control game where each player’s capabilities and path to victory is completely different.